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When Can Landscape Plantings Be Done?

        With spring weather approaching, many people wonder when they can hire a landscaper to begin planting shrubs, trees, and flowers in their landscape. In the Rochester, NY area, cold-hardy shrubs can be planted as early as the middle of March if the ground is thawed and the snow is gone. Many trees acclimate better when dormant, so planting early also makes sense for trees. For non-cold hardy annuals, Memorial Day is the traditional earliest date to plant,  but with a check of the weather forecast, it is possible often times to plant a week or more sooner. But with so many homeowners wanting landscaping done, there is often a wait to get the project completed. That is why it makes sense to call Paul's Landscaping or request an estimate here.
      Paul's Landscaping is an experienced, Webster, NY area landscaper. If you are needing landscaping installations/plantings done, you can trust that Paul's Landscaping has the dedication needed to get the job professionally completed.