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Spring Cleanup in Webster, NY

About Spring Cleanup
      Spring cleanup is an important step in beginning the new year with a beautiful landscape. Any ornamental grasses not cut back in the fall are cut back, any hydrangae/shrub flowers are clipped back, and leaves are blown with a leaf blower and removed from the property. Landscapers in the Webster, NY area, including Paul's Landscaping, typically start doing spring cleanups in mid-March and are finished doing spring cleanups in late May. Other services, such as mulch installation or edging are frequently done at the same time as spring cleanup, but they also can be done later in the season.
Importance of a Good Landscaper
     As an experienced Webster, NY landscaper, Paul's Landscaping has the dedication needed to do a professional-quality spring cleanup. Get a free estimate for spring cleanup today, so that we can begin the process of getting your getting your landscape a fresh, new start for the new season.